Butchery Silbernagl

Butchery Silbernagl
Quality, naturalness and traditional methods are very important to me,” says Christian Senoner.

Three brothers, one shared passion

Christian, Heinz and Thomas Senoner are the names of the three brothers who run the traditional Silbernagl butcher’s in Kastelruth/Castelrotto. Quality, naturalness and well-treated animals are their priorities.

Christian Senoner, the official owner of the butcher’s business, was just 14 years old when he began to work at the Silbernagl butcher’s in Kastelruth. It was then that he learnt to appreciate both good recipes and high animal welfare standards.

In 2008 the three brothers joined forces and purchased the butcher’s, each bringing their own skills to the table.

“High-quality meat is the prerequisite for good quality,” emphasises the butcher as he explains the company philosophy. Since the end of 2016, their range has comprised a traditional product from South Tyrol: Silbernagl now produce Speck Alto Adige PGI. This speck obtains its seal of quality only after stringent controls of the meat they select, the mixture of herbs and spices they use and the curing process. Many of Silbernagl’s recipes have been the fruit of Christian’s creativity, one being their “Metzet Speck“: The production of this variety of traditional speck takes eight or nine months, and the pork must be sourced from the local area.

Today, the brothers produce everything you could possibly make with top-quality meat: A variety of types of fresh meat, speck, salami, boiled sausages, cooked ham and more.

Quality and a united family lie at the heart of the Senoner family business: In addition to the three brothers, other members of the family also work in the 20-man company.

Butchery Silbernagl
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Butchery Silbernagl Butchery Silbernagl
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