G. Pfitscher
Speck Alto Adige is, and will remain, a very special product,” says Lukas Pfitscher

The founding date of his company was June 2nd, 1980: That was the day when Gottfried Pfitscher began his one-man enterprise, producing traditional speck on his farm. In the early days he produced only 20 to 30 hams per week but the request continued to grow and some time later Gottfried had the opportunity to move the business to Meran/Merano. The store which he acquired was both good luck and a burden; it entailed significant costs, in part due to the necessary conversions and construction of an extension with a warehouse. This period was followed by a number of difficult years. When a company in Burgstall/Postal closed down in the year 2000, the Pfitscher family seized their chance: They took over the company, and all the staff along with it. They gave up their Meran business, and focuses fully on production. The Burgstall premises are now given over fully to production, rounded off with a retail outlet.

The family still see a lot of growth potential for the export market. Pfitscher export to a number of countries, including Europe, Japan, Korea, China, India, North Africa and South Africa, and their turnover has doubled in the last few years. The company also deliver to delicatessens, wholesalers, small supermarket chains and importers: Ultimately, this is a special, niche product of a certain quality, and should be valued as such. Quality does not comprise only freshness and impeccable health and safety standards, but also a traditional production technique, and the patience to cure the product slowly. Lukas Pfitscher wants to control the company’s growth; the family want to provide their customers with the very best at all times, even if this means foregoing higher sales.


G. Pfitscher
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