G. Siebenförcher

G. Siebenförcher
In the past we ate meat three times a day. Today, we still love eating speck - perhaps a bit too often,” smiles Gottfried Siebenförcher.

When it comes to making speck quality control is a tricky business and, as you would expect, modern technology plays a big role in carrying it out. Florian, the youngest son of the family, graduated from the food technology in Kulmbach; he is the guardian of the Siebenförcher speck family recipe and samples it speck regularly in person. 4 or 5 sample pieces are monitored regularly for a number of criteria including outer appearance, colour, smell and taste, in a well-planned quality control system which enables the family to develop their product constantly. A few parameters are regularly changed slightly for a few test hams: A little less smoke may be used, or different proportions of seasonings. These test hams are then tasted and evaluated in comparison to the company’s regular traditional speck.

Gottfried Siebenförcher founded a small butcher’s under the Meran/Merano arcades in 1930, and also owned a production facility in Gratsch/Quarazze. When the family inheritance was split between his two sons in the 1970s, Gottfried inherited the butcher’s in the city centre, while the production premises went to his brother. Shortly afterwards, Gottfried began to produce his own speck in his own premises in Untermais/Maia Bassa and, in the 1990s, his children began to work for the company. With his whole family contributing the company has continued to expand, and they have now opened another premises in Gargazon/Gargazzone.

Naturally, the Siebenförcher family have plans for the future. With their three premises, they are in a position to maintain contacts with all types of clients. Gargazon supplies fine food retailers throughout South Tyrol, the gastronomy industry and big clients, while the retail shop caters to private customers.


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