Butchery Steiner

Butchery Steiner
The good air, the green countryside, the uniqueness of the Dolomites - in short, the climate of the Val Pusteria - all influence the curing process,” says Josef Steiner.

The traditional taste of speck

Only a handful of companies in our region are committed to producing original Alto Adige Bauernspeck, and in the Pustertal/Val Pusteria Valley, there are only two. 58 year-old Josef Steiner is the owner of Steiner and the third generation of his family to run the company, which owns not only two branches in the idyllic Antholz /Anterselva , a side-valley of the Pustertal Valley but also the Hotel Adler.

Bauernspeck is an exclusive, gourmet product for discerning consumers and as such, is produced in small quantities. Delicate in taste with a low salt content, the Steiner family’s speck is seasoned with natural herbs and spices and smoked to perfection.

Bauernspeck is produced using traditional methods and is subject to stringent quality criteria regarding the sourcing of pork, the fodder used by farmers - which must be GM-free - the slaughtering process, the processing and storage of the meat and, finally, the sales process. After butchering, the fresh meat is chilled to the right temperature and sectioned. During the 3-week brining phase which follows, the speck is salted, turned over three times and then hung. It is then cold-smoked at 18-20°C in a smoke room and, finally, cured for 28 weeks in a climate-controlled room. In addition to pork thigh which bears the fire-branded PGI seal, the neck, shoulder loin and belly cuts may also be used in the production of Bauernspeck.

One particularly decisive factor in the Steiner family’s speck production is, in Josef’s opinion, their unique location: “The good air, the green countryside, the uniqueness of the Dolomites - in short, the climate of the Val Pusteria - all influence the curing process.”

The circle comes to completion with another matter close to the Steiner family’s heart: That the farmers receive a fair price for their animals, and that they are happy. Environmentally-friendly production methods together with ecological sustainability are a guarantee of top quality for the lucky customers who make the choice to eat ethically-conscious, gourmet foods.


Butchery Steiner
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