Moser Speck

Moser Speck
If you want to see true Speck Alto Adige close up, a trip to “Moser Speckworld” in the Vinschgau/Val Venosta valley is an absolute must,” says Andreas Moser.

It all began in the 1970s, when Walter and Adolf Moser started to produce speck from their farm for family and friends. A year later, the brothers opened their company in Plaus, near Naturns/Naturno. And today, the second generation is carrying on the work.

The special feature of the Moser family’s speck is the gentle smoking process. There is a growing preference amongst consumers for a less smoky speck, and it is precisely here that Moser differs from other producers. Moser’s competition is not the other Speck Alto Adige manufacturers, but the companies which produce cured hams.

Moser produce three lines of speck: Speck Alto Adige PGI, “Moser Speck” and “Premium Nummer 1 Speck.” For some time now, they have also been producing a limited quantity of Speck Alto Adige from Parma ham pork thighs. These are larger than the standard size and the minimum curing period, at 8 months, is correspondingly longer. The limited quantity produced is extremely popular with gourmands and is sold instantly. “Turbo-boosted Speck Alto Adige,” the Moser family call it. The family’s line of organic Speck Alto Adige is also an interesting addition to their array: All the meat for this product is sourced exclusively from organic farms. Moser also benefit from another strong, strategic partner: Fratelli Beretta, Italy‘s largest family company in the meat and sausage industry. While Moser distribute their speck in Italy, Germany and Austria, Beretta cover all the other markets. Today, Moser speck is consumed in over 50 countries.


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