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We’ve built it all up as a family, and it’s brought us closer together,” says Walter Kofler.

Secret ingredient: Fresh air from a pilgrimage site

The family company was founded back in 1976. At that time Walter, the father of the family, founded the company together with his brother, and ran a retail store in Meran-Untermais/Merano-Maia Bassa. Later, he moved to Unsere Liebe Frau im Walde/Senale, a pilgrimage site located at an altitude of 1,400m, close to the Gampenpass/Passo Palade.

2005 brought sweeping changes: The two brothers went their separate ways and the company was renamed “Kofler Speck OHG des Kofler Walter.”

In 2006 new production facilities were built at the shop in Unsere Liebe Frau im Walde, managed with the greatest of love and care by mother Irma. One advantage of this location is the healthy, clean, cool mountain air - you could say that the natural mountain air is one of the secret ingredients of Kofler speck. However, it was only the fact that he was not alone, and could count on the support of his family, that Walter was able to expand the business. “We’ve built it all up as a family, and it’s brought us closer together,” reflects Walter. “In 2002 and 2010 respectively, our sons Klaus and Lukas qualified as master craftsmen,” he tells us.

“Three of our children work in the family business today,” Walter says with pride. “It’s only our son Tobias that still has to decide.” His son Klaus is involved in the distribution of speck, meat and sausage products to local catering concerns and retail outlets. Walter and his son Lukas take care of product quality, and work hard to optimise production. Daughter Martina, on the other hand, is involved in the administrative side of the business, and is also often to be seen at the weekly markets throughout the region. Kofler Speck also attend trade fairs and the Meran Christmas market.

Looking back, Martina says that it was her love for speck and responsibility towards the family that brought her back to her father’s company. “The important thing for us is to carry forward the philosophy of our parents.”

The Kofler family’s speck recipe is closely intertwined with their immediate surroundings. During the smoking phase they put all of nature’s bounty into good use: Added to the gentle smoking with beech wood, select juniper twigs and berries give the speck a very special nuance.

In addition to traditional Speck Alto Adige the Kofler family also produce South Tyrol Bauernspeck, made from pork sourced from local South Tyrol farms. The speck has a higher fat content and is tender yet firm. The farmers who breed the pigs are regularly monitored and must follow strict feeding guidelines. The fodder they use must be non-GMO, and the pigs must not be fed leftovers from the kitchen. Unfortunately, there are very few farmers who practice this style of pig farming, and the offer is extremely limited.


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