The seasoning for our speck is still made to the family recipe, and is followed assiduously by the hard-working, local, core employees who have been with us for many years,” says Paul Recla.

At 3,905 m, the Ortler/Ortles is the highest mountain in South Tyrol, and its north face is the longest ice wall of the Eastern Alps. But why is this important for Recla speck? The company in Schlanders/Silandro is located between the massifs of the Ortler and the Weisskugel/Palla Bianca; the glaciers in this area have a considerable effect on the climate, and the air is exceptionally dry, fresh and pure. When drying and curing, Recla use 90% of this outdoor air. The exceptional curing process which this meat undergoes is, then, closely linked to the local area and its climate. And that’s why there is a picture of the Ortler on the packaging of Recla speck.

Today, they continue to produce Speck Alto Adige by following the five steps that mountain farmers have always used. It is lightly smoked and cured for a minimum of 22 weeks. The seasonings are a family secret, and have remained unchanged for years on end. The Recla company belongs 100% to the Recla family. The tradition of producing sausage meats has been handed down from generation to generation, and the initial company was founded in the 19th century. The father of the current owner opened his own, independent business in Schluderns/Sluderno. In 1985 they opened their first export company in Schlanders. In 1995, they took over another production facility in Tschars/Ciardes and, in 2000, expanded the headquarters in Schlanders. One particular milestone in the history of the company came in 2004, when Recla received a permit to export to the USA. Italy and Italian products have always held a special place in the hearts of Americans. However, when it came to speck, the company had to start from scratch. Their first client was a specialist food shop in Little Italy, in Manhattan. Since then, Recla speck has even supplied McDonalds.


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