The right way to store speck

First, the good news: Speck is already shelf stable!

Those who more closely investigate how speck is made will discover that South Tyrolean farmers prepare the meat specifically so that it can be preserved throughout the year as a source of protein. In the past, whole legs of ham were stored in the cellar. They were then brought up into the kitchen to be sliced and served or further cut into pieces as an ingredient for dumplings. Today, speck is available in various package sizes at retailers. While butchers typically provide customers with unpackaged meat, speck can be purchased vacuum packed from supermarkets.

The right way to store speck The right way to store speck

The right way to store speck at home: unpackaged speck should ideally be wrapped in a moist cloth or between two deep plates in a cool place for some weeks. The speck should not be stored near other food products that have their own strong smell.

If vacuum packed, the speck can be stored in a cool dark place or in a refrigerator for many weeks without an adverse effect on quality. It is important to remove the vacuum packaging at least one hour before removing: The speck should air out at room temperature so that its full aroma can unfold.