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Typically Seasoned

Typically Seasoned

Bay leaves, rosemary, juniper berries – seasoning is still the secret ingredient in the production of Speck Alto Adige.

The typical seasoning crust is the one ingredient that gives Speck Alto Adige P.G.I. its very special aroma. The fragrance of the carefully applied rub on the hams exudes the aroma of juniper berries, rosemary, oregano and bay leaves. Some producers also add garlic, coriander or cumin. While the basic ingredients in this ham production process, such as salt and pepper, are always the same, there are vast differences between the individual artisans, when it comes to the composition of the special seasonings. The individual spices used by the producer add a very personal touch to the speck.

Prior to smoking, the ham hocks are marinated in their rubs in cool rooms for up to three weeks. During that time, the hams are turned several times to allow the marinate crust to penetrate the meat. The turning frequency during the ham speck production depends on the speck producer’s individual recipe. While some prefer to baste the marinate over the sides of the speck repeatedly, others allow it to drain. The finished product must not contain more than 5% of salt.

The seasoning used in the production of Speck Alto Adige is based on each producer’s own recipe, which is a strictly guarded family secret that is handed down from generation to generation. This is what makes each piece of speck so unique.