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Step 1

Careful Selection of the Raw Material

Careful Selection of the Raw Material

Only Premium Cuts are Selected for the Production of Speck Alto Adige P.G.I..

It all begins with the choice of the raw material. The attainment of great quality hinges on the selection of a premium base product. In South Tyrol, the production of speck complies with concisely defined instructions. To make certain that the speck retains the hallmarks of a true specialty, numerous factors - from the diet the pigs are fed to the curing the meat – have to work together perfectly. The speck producers of South Tyrol are keenly aware of these facts and have been practicing this principle for decades. Hence, they only use lean, full meat thighs from pigs that have been properly raised to produce Speck Alto Adige. These thighs are selected in compliance with stringent quality criteria and cut in accordance with traditional methods.

Even the transportation conditions for the raw material meat are subject to strict regulations. For instance, it is not permitted to import livestock or frozen meat for the production of Speck Alto Adige P.G.I.. All ham is produced exclusively from pig thighs that have passed through concisely defined inspections. This is the only way to ensure compliance with the high quality standards to be met in the production process and to obtain the specific taste of Speck Alto Adige. The hams are marked with the production start date, which is a guarantee that provides a basis for future inspections and the time allotted for curing that cannot be deleted. It also allows consumers to track the history of the product.