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Step 4

Typically Cured

Typically Cured

Time to Mature Quietly – For the Attainment of Superior Flavour.

After smoking, Speck Alto Adige needs some time to cure quietly and mature into a one-of-a-kind specialty in harmony with nature. In the past, it achieved maturity during the ham production phase in the cellars of South Tyrolean farms, were temperatures were consistently cool and provided the optimum level of moisture.

Even today, hams are still matured in well ventilated rooms filled with healthful South Tyrolean mountain air. The time to maturity depends on the weight of the hams and averages 22 weeks. During this time, the speck loses about a third of its original weight and thus acquires its typical firm structure.

During this phase of the ham production process, a natural, aroma enhancing edible layer of mould develops on the air-dried ham, which is washed off once the ham has cured completely. It is an indication that the maturation conditions are optimum and that the speck is of premium quality. The layer protects the ham from drying out too much during the curing phase, which would result in the formation of dried-out edges on the surface. Thanks to the mould, the speck cures evenly on the inside. It is also a major factor that gives this air-dried ham its unique flavour since it rounds out the intense taste notes resulting from the smoking process and the seasoning. This is how Speck Alto Adige acquires its typical flavour – mild, balanced and a little nutty.