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Megan Wolf

Megan Wolf is a New York City based Registered Dietitian and the owner of Megan Wolf Nutrition LLC, a nutrition counseling and consulting private practice specializing in weight management. She holds a Masters degree in Clinical Nutrition from New York University and a Bachelors degree in Anthropology from Bates College. She believes no food is off limits, but rather there is room in your diet for all of your favorites. Simply put: eat better, feel better, live better. Megan lives in Manhattan with her husband and daughter, is an avid cook, public speaker, and a cookbook author with her first book to be published January 2016. She is active on social media and writes for her blog, The Domesticated Wolf.

Have you ever used Speck Alto Adige before?
I have not! This is my first time cooking with it.

Would you recommend Speck to a friend?
Yes - it smells delicious and my guests raved about it.

What dish did you make using Speck Alto Adige and how did you come up with the idea?
I created a play on a typical frisee salad - but with romaine lettuce. My husband loved poached eggs and I figured this would be a perfect addition to our Sunday brunch spread.

Is Speck Alto Adige something you would use in other dishes? Do you think it's a versatile ingredient, if so, why?
Yes - this would be great in eggs and other baked dishes. I crisped the Speck before serving it, but it would also be great as is on a cheese plate. It is versatile which makes for a great ingredient. I especially like using foods that can be served and enjoyed many different ways.

What is your favorite thing about using Speck Alto Adige in your recipes? Does it have specific qualities that you enjoy?
My guests especially enjoyed the surprisingly crisp Speck against the smooth and soft poached eggs and cold and crunchy romaine lettuce.

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