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Julie Poll

Julie Poll is a wife, mom, published freelance food writer, beach lover, and CT native with a 100% Italian heritage. Professionally, she has over 25 years of marketing, product development and communications experience in Fortune 500 health care and financial services companies.

Have you ever used Speck Alto Adige before?
No, but being raised in an all-Italian family, I am very familiar with this product as well as many other traditional Italian cold cuts.

Would you recommend Speck to a friend?
Yes, definitely. It is the gold star of Italian cold cuts.

What dish did you make using Speck and how did you come up with the idea?
I made baked chicken rollatini with roasted tomatoes, Speck Alto Adige, cheese and sage; and Pan roasted balsamic green beans with Speck Alto Adige and shallots.

Is Speck something you would use in other dishes? Do you think it's a versatile ingredient, if so, why?
Yes, it adds a beautiful savory and lightly salty flavor to many dishes.

What is your favorite thing about using Speck in your recipes? Does it have specific qualities that you enjoy?
It has intense taste so you don’t need a large amount to get the full flavor. Helpful hint: To cut it, use a very sharp, non-serrated knife or request it be sliced “paper thin” at the deli counter and laid out like shingles with little overlap.

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