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Scarlet Paolicchi

Scarlet Paolicchi, founder of, enjoys writing about all things family related from recipes to crafts. She has a husband and two children that she enjoys cooking for and believes that sitting down around the dinner table together is an important part of family time.

What were your first impressions about Speck?
It has a beautiful, thick, and rich flavor. I smelled it first and right away noticed a smoked flavor and a bit of spiciness like pepper that somehow reminded me of beef jerky. I wondered if it would be like prosciutto and while it is similar, I found it to be more flavorful.

What recipe did you create and what inspired you to create it?
I decided to make a Speck and Arugula pizza because it is so flavorful and I wanted to let it shine in a simple Italian dish.

What makes Speck stand out against other hams you’ve tasted before?
Well, the curing is what makes it different from most American hams and the smokiness is what makes it different from other cured hams.

Describe Speck in 5 words.
Smoky, flavorful, rich, succulent, and peppery.

Any final thoughts about Speck?
I love the flavor of Speck. I found myself wondering how it could be so flavorful when all I see is ham. Speck is cured with salt, pepper, juniper, rosemary, and bay. It gives it an amazing flavor that lingers in your mouth and is really delicious!

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