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Nicole Nared

Nicole Nared, founder of, is a food and relationship blogger that loves to try the latest food craze and provide different perceptions on love and relationships. Nicole’s motivation to take cooking and baking more seriously was a result of her boredom. She finds cooking and baking to be invigorating and a great way for her to release stress and allow her mind to be creative.

What were your first thoughts about Speck?
The first thing I noticed was the smell and the wonderful color of the ham! The taste of the ham was incredibly light, crisp, and salty. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

What were your family and friends thoughts about Speck?
When my friends tried this pizza they really enjoyed the Speck! They kept asking me what that ingredient was because it "made" the pizza. It added so much flavor to the pizza.

What made you decide to use Speck for a pizza dish?

I love pepperoni pizza and when I tried the product, it put me in that frame of mind and I thought it would be beautiful on pizza, which is one of my favorite foods. Also, I wanted to make something that my followers can understand as they became exposed to Speck. I didn't want to make anything that was too far from reality for most households. I wanted to make something common and simple that my followers could see themselves making.