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Kristin Hale

Kristin Hale, founder of, is a food and lifestyle blogger from Cincinnati, Ohio. A single mother with one daughter and two dogs, Kristin enjoys the quiet, yet active lifestyle she has. Her blog “Its Free at Last” symbolizes her liberation and freedom to explore the world and share everything she comes across with her readers. She loves to cook, travel, attend sporting events, and spend time with her family.

What were your first impressions about Speck?
I enjoyed tasting its unique, smoky flavor. While I’ve seen other hams used in dinner dishes before, my first instinct was to incorporate Speck into breakfast meals.

What recipe did you create and what inspired you to create it?
I created a tasty, savory breakfast casserole. My family and I really enjoy preparing breakfast dishes so Speck seemed like a great addition!

Do you think Speck can easily be incorporated in other breakfast dishes?
I can see Speck being used in many breakfast sandwiches, wraps, or even with a side of scrambled eggs.

Any final thoughts about Speck?
Really one of the better tasting hams I’ve had in a while. For now on, when I think of “ham”, I’ll think of Speck!